Generation Y and Revolutionary Change

Keli W. Rodriguez

Change will be rapid, constant and revolutionary. Generation Y members are bright, insightful, fascinating, challenging and inquisitive young adults who are ready to change the world. The question is, are we ready? They look at the world much differently than most of us. And why shouldn’t they? Generation Y (why) […]

Effective Business Management Is All Encompassing

Keli W. Rodriguez

  Effective business management encompasses every aspect of your business, from conflict and change management to performance management and careful planning. Those companies and corporations that practice good business management understand that changes in individuals, managers and the work environment often evolve, and that even the smallest things can have […]

An Introduction to Biodynamic Agriculture

Keli W. Rodriguez

Biodynamic agriculture is everything that I thought farming would be. I’ve always idealized the image of life on a farm, rising early and working hard, living simply, naturally and in harmony with some of nature’s most basic cycles. Unfortunately the more I learned about the world and the gross commercialization […]

The Top Industries that Benefit from Factoring


When it comes to financial solutions for a business, there are those that harbor misconceptions when it comes to account receivables factoring. The belief that factoring is only for struggling companies or that it is an expensive option is simply not true. In fact, according to the good folk at […]

Four Types of Marketing For Small Businesses

Keli W. Rodriguez

As a small business owner, you most likely spend quite a large amount of time trying to discern new ways to gain customers. Marketing can be a fun or stressful business. They key is to understand the types of marketing. Instead of sending your marketing budget in many different directions, […]