UML Modelling: Activity Diagram

UML is a Unified modeling language. This UML language consists of several different types of diagrams. In this article we are discussing about activity diagram. Introduction In its fundamental form, an activity diagram is a straightforward and intuitive explanation of what happens in a work flow, what actions can be […]

How Is Cloud Accountancy Benefiting Accountants?

In recent years, cloud accounting services have become a more commonplace as businesses gradually adopt the technology. In most ways, cloud-based accountancy software is like traditional software, with the key difference being that it is hosted by remote servers. This means that all data is stored off-site, rather than on […]

Management and Financial Accounting

Accounting is usually seen as having two distinct strands, Management and Financial accounting. Management accounting, which seeks to meet the needs of managers and Financial accounting, which seeks to meet the accounting needs of all of the other users. The differences between the two types of accounting reflect the different […]