Bento for Business Launches Enhanced Accounting Features to Simplify Bookkeeping and Radically Speed up End of the Month Reconciliation

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bento for Business (“Bento”), the leading spend management solution for businesses, unveiled a new and powerful stack of accounting features to help businesses save time, simplify bookkeeping and close books faster..

With these new features, Bento customers will be able to import their GL Account, Class, and Location values into Bento and code transactions directly in Bento with a couple of clicks. In addition, they will be able to create custom mapping rules to simplify transaction coding for their organization or meet other specific needs. Once coded, finance professionals will be able to review and edit before exporting transactions to their accounting software.

Combined with Bento’s powerful, AI-driven, receipt capture and matching features, these enhancements remove much of the friction of collecting and organizing information that CFOs and Controllers need in order to reconcile their books. Additionally, the new custom field creation and mapping option makes it easy for company employees to code their own transactions using simple terms, if needed. Regardless of the accounting software a company uses, Bento’s new accounting enhancements are a significant upgrade to traditional bank products and should significantly simplify and speed up dreaded month end closings for any business.

“Our customers have been telling us that reconciling their books at month and year end was one of their biggest pain points,” said Guido Schulz, CEO, Bento for Business. “With these enhancements, we hope we are able to eliminate yet another area of stress and inefficiency for our customers and continue on our mission to be the most helpful financial partner for our customers.”

About Bento

Based in Chicago and San Francisco, Bento is an award-winning SMB fintech solution led by veteran financial service executives and backed by leading financial technology investors. An intuitive debit card-based spend management platform, Bento’s mission is to save business owners money, time and effort.

Bento’s virtual and corporate cards and industry-leading financial management tools give companies unprecedented control and visibility over company expenses, eliminating fraud and administrative overhead. Bento Pay, Bento’s B2B payment product, enables business owners to make and receive payments with a simple email address while allowing the receiver to input their banking credentials and accept funds in seconds, avoiding the hassle of paper checks.

For additional information, visit Bento for Business, Twitter and/or LinkedIn.

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