2 Channels for Targeting Tech Personas, Part 2/2

By Win Salyards, Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing B2B marketers targeting tech personas know well at this point that they make attribution frustratingly tricky. We know where to reach them, but they’re notoriously skeptical and private. So, how do we make attributions or capture leads when a potential tech contact is moving through […]

The 2nd Age of Martech has arrived, and it’s all about convergence in ecosystems

In 2019, I hypothesized that we were on the cusp of a Second Golden Age of Martech. The defining characteristic of this new era was a shift from dichotomies to convergences: From suite vs. best-of-breed to integrated platform ecosystems From software vs. services to blended delivery models with both From […]

Bridging the Finance-Marketing Divide With Data

By Maria Geokezas, Chief Operating Officer at Heinz Marketing Since the marketing budget is a significant expense for organizations, it’s no wonder why CFOs want to be more involved. Of course, solid financial management enables a business’s marketing and advertising function to stay on track and helps avoid any financial blunders […]