Dedicated vs. Cloud Hosting: Which Hosting Suits You The Best

Shared Vs Cloud Vs Dedicated Hosting: Top 6 Differences You Must Know

As your business grows online, selecting the right hosting solution becomes paramount to hosting your website. In this journey, you may encounter a dilemma — choosing the best website providers with Dedicated Hosting or Cloud Hosting. It is a common difficulty, and many individuals find it challenging to discern their differences.

When you go for a reputable hosting provider, you get dedicated resources and proper technical support, enabling you to resolve issues quickly if they arise. Whether you buy Dedicated Servers or opt for Cloud Hosting, ensure the provider has served different clients over the years and maintained its reputation.

Read this article to know more about disparities between New Zealand Dedicated Server Hosting and Cloud Hosting. It will help you decide to buy the best hosting for your business that aligns with your needs.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A Dedicated Server is a physical server hosted in a remote data center, exclusively utilized and accessed by a single client. Its computing resources and hardware are entirely dedicated to that client, with no sharing of resources with other clients.

The best Dedicated Hosting servers can be managed or self-managed. In a managed setup, the provider takes care of maintenance. In a self-managed setup, users handle their own server maintenance.

  • Advantages of Dedicated Servers
  1. A Dedicated Server ensures maximum security and control over your data, as you are not sharing resources with other clients.
  2. These Servers offer high efficiency and uptime, which is dependent on your own server management practices.

What is a Cloud Server?

Cloud Server technology enables infinite physical servers to function as a single entity. Each server is interconnected and responsible for specific processing, storage, and memory tasks. A hypervisor is installed to manage the partitioning of different-sized cloud servers. It also allocates physical resources to each cloud server, including processor cores, RAM, and storage space.

  • Advantages of Cloud Servers
  1. Cloud servers offer easy scalability of resources to meet demand spikes.
  2. It incorporates redundant components, ensuring high availability and uptime.

Similarities between Dedicated Servers and Cloud Servers

  1. Both servers can handle large amounts of traffic without performance issues.
  2. They provide data security and stability for web applications.
  3. Root access is available for both, supporting various application types and services.

Differences Between Dedicated Servers and Cloud Servers

ParametersDedicated HostingCloud Hosting
PerformanceDedicated Servers excel in processing and retrieving data quickly due to local processing.Cloud servers may experience latency as data access goes through the Storage Area Network (SAN).
ScalabilityDedicated Servers’ capabilities are constrained by their limited physical hardware.Cloud server storage is easily expandable and scalable.
PricingDedicated Servers have a one-time hardware cost belonging to the company, while cloud servers are charged based on resource usage.Cloud servers have a lower entry cost, but as resource requirements increase, the cost advantage diminishes.
Storage DowntimeExpanding storage in the Dedicated Server requires downtime.Expanding storage in the cloud does not require downtime.


Choosing between budget Dedicated Servers and Cloud Hosting depends entirely on your requirements. You can buy Dedicated Servers if you are running applications that demand high CPU processing, RAM, and disk space, such as reseller hosting, game servers, and large databases.

On the contrary, Cloud Servers are well-suited for applications that require quick server deployment, optimal uptime, and instant scalabilities, such as e-commerce sites and SaaS applications.

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