Five Industries Ready for Entrepreneurship in 2021

Five Industries Ready for Entrepreneurship in 2021

If you have been considering starting a business for some time now, there is no point in waiting around for the business to create itself. There are endless benefits of entrepreneurship that many people long after in their daily working life.

Some can include a flexible working schedule, which makes all aspects of life easier to control and organise; you’d be your own boss which is great if you love working yourself – you only have to maintain the dedication every day; and, you can meet like-minded people who want to grow with you and your business.

Perhaps the most exciting benefit of starting up your own business is that you would be in control of everything. You can choose who to work with, where to work, what to include and exclude in your business model and you have the ultimate final say on different decisions regarding the business.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and become a successful entrepreneur, here are five industries that are ready for entrepreneurship in 2021.

Cosmetic Industry

The cosmetic industry has been growing for years along with the increased usage of social media. The fact that people are now blogging and creating videos about their day to day lives, including what skin-care products they use, is having an ever-lasting effect on consumers.

Social media influencers have been taught to market their lives in such a way that they make the most out of brand endorsements to make more money and gain a larger following. As the influencer effect isn’t going to end as quickly as it started, experts are recommending that the cosmetic industry is a fantastic line to grow your business within.

Everyone is prone to the effects of being influenced to buy different products, and the products don’t stop at make-up. People are becoming competitive in their skin-care regimes, attempting to have the best cruelty-free and natural products on the market.

Additionally, there is room for businesses to develop in hair removal, laser treatments, soap and bath products, massage and therapy as well as aromatherapy. It is obvious that among the never-ending list of established businesses – both large and small – there is still plenty of room for new up-and-coming ideas. Brand yourself appropriately and consumers will jump at the chance to try new products.

Gaming Industry

Making it within the gaming industry is not as hard as it seems. The industry received fewer investments in the first decade of the 2000s. With that being said, there are plenty of opportunities to become successful in the current $150 billion industry.

As more and more people sign onto different platforms to play games, there is a stronger push for new and unusual games to come out more often. What makes the gaming industry better is that there is a pool of choices for innovation due to the development and expansion of new technology.

The creation and higher usage of mobile devices have meant that people can play games on the go as they travel or simply move about their day. This, coupled with the encouraging use of online gaming, has made the gambling industry more efficient.

Gambling sites have been optimised so gamers can experience the real casino feel and environment while playing online. Comparison sites – like, for example – help gamers choose where to gamble. This makes this side of the gaming industry a great area to invest in and also develop yourself within. Virtual reality gaming is also booming in 2021 as profits are expected to reach upwards of $300 billion by 2025. There’s no wrong path within the gaming industry – and it’s completely your call.

Vegan Foods

With the clean eating industry currently becoming one of the fastest-growing industries to exist, consumers are calling for more vegan alternatives to food. Larger fast-food chains such as KFC and McDonalds have been regularly launching plant-based food for their customers, to make their options more inclusive of people on different diets. Unfortunately, these chains never seem to keep these alternative foods on the menu for more than a season at any one time, making it difficult for their customers to rely on fast food establishments.

Whilst on any plant-based diet, consumers still want their fast food fix every so often, so the vegan food industry is a great platform to develop a business. This genuinely is an area that is severely lacking in options, so make sure the vegan food industry is one you consider for your business venture.

Handmade Goods

In 2020, we have seen a surge in small business creation of handmade goods. These goods ranged from candles, earrings, clothing and other home accessories. What is great about handmade goods is that there is always room for new and upcoming businesses, especially those that operate online.

On social media, in particular, small business owners do a fabulous job in helping promote competing businesses. This sounds odd, but the current discourse in helping promote small, local businesses is growing among various social media channels. What seems to be missing at the moment is an all-encompassing site which sells a plethora of small business goods.

So, whether you want to sell your own handmade goods or develop your own business by selling others’ goods, there sure is plenty of room for entrepreneurship within this industry.

Health and Fitness Industry

What’s great about the health and fitness industry is that there are many options to keep your business small and local or develop it at a faster pace and make it prosper. Local entrepreneurs who tend to stick with what they know in their comfort zones normally become personal trainers or personal dieticians.

If you’re ready to take your business one step further and invest in the fitness industry, you can look into owning a gym or line of gyms, creating a fitness brand, developing your own sports and fitness clothing line and so much more. The options are endless, so keep an eye out on this fast-growing industry to become successful.

If you have an idea, don’t pass it off. Think of it as a great opportunity to hit the ground running and become your own boss!

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