How HR enables business transformation at Prudential Financial

HR is human centric, employee centric and customer centric

The convergence of digital technologies and new leadership mindsets are driving continuous transformations across all industries and reshaping the employee experience.

My guest on this week’s episode of the Digital HR Podcast, Wagner Denuzzo, is at the heart of creating an extraordinary end-to-end employee experience at Prudential Financial. This encompasses the transformation of learning, careers and skills development for the future, as well as the creation of a talent marketplace.

With over 20 years experience in leadership development, executive coaching and HR strategy, Wagner is the Head of Capabilities for Future of Work (cool title!), with responsibility for leading the effort to design the organisation of the future at Prudential Financial. His team is comprised of workforce analytics, career services, learning and development and org design.

If your businesses are digital platforms, the employee experience has to be through a digital platform as well, especially in a distributed workforce

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In our conversation Wagner and I discuss:

  • The role of HR in the wider transformation at Prudential Financial (“The HR team is front and centre in our transformation because it is about skills, capabilities and the workforce composition, that really accelerates the value creation for our customers.”)
  • The ‘Six Points of Engagement’ framework that Wagner and his team of Talent Catalysts use to align talent interventions with the needs of the business (“What we are doing is infusing expertise in enablement and letting the teams really execute with supportive workforce analytics.”)
  • The positive response to the transformation from the workforce at Prudential Financial (“It makes me feel very proud because our employee engagement survey in 2020 went up, when we all thought after transformation, so much change, so much uncertainty, would lead to a lower engagement and actually it went up because the way we responded to the epidemic was incredibly supportive.”)
  • How Prudential Financial is using data to understand skills and career opportunities (“Data visualisation is helping us really identify the skills we have and identify the capabilities that we could build with those skills.”)
  • Why employees and the organisation have a shared responsibility for careers and upskilling (“You own your own career, so own it. Learn and grow because that is the way you are going to grow your career as well and make an impact.”)
  • How to build a culture of mobility encompassing leaders, managers and employees (“Our Vice Chairman and the CEO are really clear about this. We want to give our employees the opportunity to grow with us because ’employees first’.”)
  • The business outcomes and culture that internal mobility can help drive (“We are creating a culture of internal mobility and I think that’s very powerful. We are really seeing, year on year, 11 points increasing in internal jobs filled that didn’t require agencies, that didn’t require external posting.”)
  • The role of strategic workforce planning in the reinvention of jobs (“You don’t plan your workforce just by numbers, you plan your workforce based on skills, based on demographics to increase the diversity of thought and inclusion”)

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested or involved in skills, learning and workforce planning so that’s business leaders, CHROs and anyone in a People Analytics, Learning, Workforce Planning or HR Business Partner role.

That is the goal of HR in the next five years, instilling a culture of future positive mindset, where people believe that tomorrow is going to be better than today


To listen to the Podcast and read the transcript of my discussion with Wagner, head over to myHRfuture by clicking on this link: How HR enables business transformation at Prudential Financial


As well as the podcast, there will be a couple of videos available on the myHRfuture YouTube channel highlighting two of the topics Wagner and I covered in our conversation. 


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A huge thank you to Wagner for sharing his time and expertise with our listeners. You can connect with Wagner on LinkedIn, and find out more about the Six Points of Engagement model by reading The Journey into the future is not linear by Wagner’s colleague Shradha Prakash. I also recommend reading this Deloitte article, which references the work Prudential Financial has done to activate an internal talent marketplace.

Thanks to OrgVue for sponsoring Series 11 of the podcast, and also Ian Bailie, Manpreet Randhawa, Caroline Styr and the myHRfuture team for creating the Digital HR Leaders podcast and video series.



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