How to Improve Your Basketball Shooting in 7 Steps – A Routine That Works

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Basketball is a game that relies heavily on shooting skills. A consistent shooting routine can not only improve your shooting accuracy, but it can also increase your confidence on the court. This blog post will discuss seven steps to improving your basketball shooting using a shooting machine.

By following this routine, you can develop a reliable shooting technique and become a valuable asset to your team. Whether you’re a player or a coach, implementing this routine can take your shooting game to the next level.

Warm up properly before shooting

Before beginning any shooting routine, it is crucial to warm up properly to prevent injuries and improve your shooting performance. Start by using a basketball shooting machine, such as the Gun 12K by Shoot-A-Way, to loosen up your shooting muscles. The Gun 12K offers advanced features, such as customizable shooting programs and a high-capacity ball feeder, making it a superior option to other shooting machines like the Dr. Dish.

As you warm up, focus on your form and technique to get into a rhythm before moving on to more challenging drills. Properly warming up with a shooting machine can set the stage for a successful shooting session.

Practice good form and technique

Practicing good form and technique is essential to improving your basketball shooting. The Dr. Dish basketball shooting machine is an excellent tool for reinforcing proper shooting mechanics, but for a more advanced and effective training experience, consider Shoot-A-Way’s Gun 12K.

This premium shooting machine offers a range of features that can help you fine-tune your shot and take your game to the next level.

Work on building strength and endurance

This is essential to becoming a better basketball player, as it will help you shoot the ball with more power and accuracy. A great way to improve your strength and endurance is to use a shooting machine like the Gun 12K by Shoot-A-Way.

This machine is more expensive than the Dr. Dish shooting machine price, but it offers advanced features that will help you improve your shooting skills.

Incorporate footwork drills into your shooting routine

Incorporating footwork drills into your shooting routine is essential in improving your basketball shooting. These drills help develop the proper footwork and positioning needed to set up a shot and make it more likely to go in. Some footwork drills you can incorporate into your routine include:

  • The 1-2 step involves taking one hard step towards the basket with your shooting foot, followed by a second step with your non-shooting foot to help generate power and balance.
  • The shuffle cut involves shuffling your feet quickly from side to side to simulate moving around a defender and setting up for a shot.
  • The jump stop involves landing with both feet after jumping, then quickly resetting into your shooting position. Incorporating these drills into your routine will help to improve your footwork and make your shots more accurate and powerful.

Practice shooting from different spots on the court

While stationary shooting drills are essential, practicing shooting on the move is crucial. Set up a shooting machine, have a teammate pass you the ball at various spots on the court, and practice shooting from each location.

This will help improve your overall shooting accuracy and prepare you for game-like situations. It’s important to simulate game-like movements and scenarios as much as possible in your practice routine.

Use visualization and mental rehearsal techniques

These techniques involve picturing yourself making successful shots in your mind and rehearsing the mechanics of your shot. This can help improve your muscle memory and confidence on the court. You can train your mind and body to perform at a higher level by consistently visualizing and rehearsing your shot.

This will ultimately lead to better shooting performances in real-game situations. Remember to focus on the process, not the outcome, and stay positive throughout the visualization and rehearsal processes.

Keep track of your progress and set goals

As a basketball player, it’s essential to keep track of your progress and set goals for yourself to improve your shooting. One way to do this is to keep a journal or log of your practices and games, noting any progress or areas where you may need to focus more. By setting specific, achievable goals for yourself, you can better track your progress and see the results of your hard work.

Sharing your goals with a coach or mentor can provide accountability and support as you improve your shooting. Remember, the key to success is consistently working on your skills and striving to reach your goals.


By following these seven steps and incorporating a basketball shooting machine, players can improve their shooting skills and increase their success on the court. This routine is proven effective, and regular practice will lead to better performance and higher scores.

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