Reasons to Use Rhyming Slogans in Your Advertisement

Keli W. Rodriguez

For centuries, companies have used slogans in their advertisement. Big and small firms use catchy phrases to make their product special. With time, the pattern of slogans has changed and today many companies are using rhyming slogans to stand out in the crowd. As an advertiser, you should always try to attract the customer’s attention. Rhyming slogans are a perfect way to achieve this goal. Given below are the advantages of using such slogans.

Differentiate your product

The advertising landscape has undergone a sea change over the years. Unique thoughts of yesterday have become common today. With the growth of media, consumers see and read thousands of ads every day. Right from television and print to social media, they are bombarded with messages from thousands of companies. Using rhyming slogan helps you to differentiate your product from your competitor. Jingles are easy to recall than long tag lines. While a lengthy tag line may give plenty of information about your product, using jingles creates a striking reputation in the mind of the consumer.

Have a warm and fuzzy effect on consumer

Alliteration in advertising slogans has a warm and fuzzy effect on consumers. It brings a smile on their face and imparts a positive feeling among them. Such slogans stick in the mind of buyers for years to come.

Creates solid product awareness

Poems are easy to remember and create a robust product awareness. It creates a rhythmic echo that is hard to forget. You can easily kindle the buyer’s imagination by using poetry in your slogan. You can describe many things about your product through corporate poetry. Copywriters strive to give a musical touch to the catchphrase.

Creates brand recognition

With the help of rhyming slogans, you can tie all the elements of an ad campaign and create recognition for your brand. You can, not only use the catch line in your product, but also on promotional items. All this will help you create brand recognition in the market.

Reach young audience

Using jingles helps you reach the young audience. Children get a hang rhymes at a young age in schools and using them in your ad gives a great exposure of your product among kids.

Successful companies have sought help of jingles sometimes or other during their promotional campaign. A perfect tag line makes your brand memorable and creates a long-lasting impression among buyers. Ad ideas revolve around a motto. A perfect slogan will help your brand reach great heights and reap huge benefits.

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