Safe Harbor CPAs Announces Post on International Business Tax Return Preparation in San Francisco

“Annus horribilis” is a Latin term for “horrible year,” and that pretty much captures 2020 across the world. That said, the situation for many San Francisco businesses and high income individuals varied greatly. A restaurant business, for example, might have had its word year ever, as might a hair salon. They may have taken advantage of federal and state grants and loans and be interested in correctly filing their taxes in terms of these government programs. Another business or individual, however, might be heavily invested in the online environment. Their business may actually have boomed and have its highest income ever. And still a third person or business might have a mixed picture. The reality is that a trained tax team such as the tax advisors at Safe Harbor CPAs can evaluate the situation, minimize the tax bite for 2020 and advise how one can move forward into 2021 and beyond. The new post explains these issues and helps the savvy businessperson or high income individual to immediately secure tax preparation services.

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