‘Undercover Billionaire’ Spoilers: Monique Idlett, Elaine Culotti or Grant Cardone, whose business plan will work?

The latest episode of ‘Undercover Billionaire’ had a few wins and a few setbacks for Monique Idlett, Elaine Culotti and Grant Cardone, as they continued their race against time, all while in the middle of the pandemic. With the clock is ticking, Monique Idlett, Grant Cardone and Elaine Culotti are hustling hard to get their business off the ground.

The episode sees all three of them finally set their plans into motion, seeing that they have a feasible idea in place, well, at least most of them do. Their game plans aren’t as vague anymore, seeing the fact that all three of them are now in the process of creating a team, getting office spaces, suppliers, etc, depending on their business. Wondering just how far along these three are in the process? Here’s a quick recap of their respective business that’ll have you all up to date. 

Monique Idlett’s health food business

Monique Idlett (Discovery)

Idlett’s idea is definitely the most fleshed out from the three, seeing that she’s even calling her company Monique Idlett Enterprises, although that might just be a placeholder name for now. To refresh your memory, Idlett plans on starting a health food service that creates healthy juices and juice shots and aims to bring healthy and clean food options to the city of Tacoma.

Seeing that she’s working part-time with a produce vendor at a local market, Idlett is now building her contacts to get a producer on board as her official supplier. She has also secured a laptop from the Tacoma library, a workspace and has even set up an investor meeting. Apart from this, she is currently planning her first marketing campaign, where she plans on introducing her juice shots at a local children’s game. She intends on taking her product to the people buy using an icecream truck and has also managed to get a young photographer to create a short video to show to her investors. It’s safe to say she’s on a roll!

Elaine Culotti’s delicatessen do-over

Elaine Culotti (Discovery)

Culotti saw the potential in Shepherd’s Inn and also realized the dire situation the owner himself was in. Seeing that taking over the inn itself is something that she can handle without breaking a sweat, Culotti has convinced the owner to let her convert a space in the inn into a delicatessen and grocery store, in order to generate revenue and revamp the whole of Shepherd’s Inn. Although she has the right partners for the job, funds seem to be her biggest issue as of now. Culotti convinces the owner to let her sell the bar’s antique neon signs, seeing that they usually fetch a very high price on the market. She even recruits two young residents to help her with the same, effectively creating a team, allowing her to dish out tasks and delgate work. The work towards the renovations of the inn is well on its way and in a personal win for Culotti, she might have just successfully found a potential investor too.

Grant Cardone’s business idea remains undecided

Grant Cardone (Discovery)

Out of the three, Cardone arguably has secured the most amount of funding. Post his marketing campaign for Mark Smith, the latter gave him a cheque of $10,000 to carry out more activities. But Cardone had to leave town on account of the virus. When he finally made it back, Smith had hired a marketing agency, leaving Cardone high and dry and unsure if that $10k was even his to keep. But Smith expressed interest on working with him anyway and allowed him to cash the cheque. With funding secured, Cardone was more focused on being able to get his family to live with him – for now, his business idea has definitely taken the back seat, seeing that he has the money but no plan. Looks like we’ve to wait till the next episode to find out if he’s going to get it together or not.

Undercover Billionaire will now air exclusively on Discovery+.

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