What Is Travel Insurance And Why Is It Important?

9 Manfaat Travel Insurance yang Berguna untuk Pemiliknya

Travel risk insurance is a type of insurance that protects against certain hazards. It can pay for lost luggage, medical charges, and other losses in addition to trip cancellation fees. Losses from both domestic and foreign travel may be covered.

The insurance product is known as “travel insurance” is a type of general insurance policy. It is helpful for protection against unanticipated damage while travelling and related expenses. For people who frequently travel, whether domestically or internationally, bajaj allianz travel insurance is advantageous. The following losses are covered by travel insurance: 

  • Loss of personal belongings and/or lost luggage 
  • Theft or burglary involving bags or personal items 
  • Passport misplaced 
  • Delays or cancellations of travel 
  • Accidents or urgent medical needs 
  • Passing away of the insured party 
  • A disability affecting the insured 
  • Hijack 
  • Emergency departure 
  • Missed departure or connection 
  • Rejected airline/hotel reservation 

Travel insurance types

  • Travel insurance for one trip only (single trip policy): This is a one-time coverage that covers only that one journey. 
  • Multi-trip policy: People who travel frequently ought to get a budget-friendly travel insurance plan. It protects you from numerous journeys to certain locations over an extended period of time, possibly a whole year. Businesspeople and other regular travellers will find this beneficial. 
  • Educational travel insurance policy: Students who travel for educational purposes, particularly those who go internationally, can benefit from this kind of travel insurance package. The length of the trip is typically constrained, for example, to a maximum of 30 or 45 days.
  • Group travel policy – When there are too many travellers, a group travel policy may be used. The number of people who group insurance policies can cover has a ceiling. For instance, the 7 people are covered by the bajaj allianz travel insurance. When groups are picked up from multiple locations/nations for trips and tours, insurance providers typically have such offers. If travelling in a group, it is a cost-effective policy and depends on the age of the individuals in the group.

Policies for customised travel insurance 

In addition to this, insurance providers may offer specialised or personalised coverage. It may be designed to provide the benefits of travel insurance, especially for families or senior persons.


  • Luggage advantages 

The expense of lost luggage is covered by this coverage. It could involve theft, burglary, or situations of loss. These policies might provide coverage for lost luggage, passports, essential papers, money, or other personal items. Additionally, the expenses of the luggage can be safeguarded during an emergency evacuation or any other accident. 

  • Benefits of cancellation/delay 

Travel insurance firms will reimburse the expenditures in such circumstances if the trip is delayed or cancelled for any unforeseeable reason. Weather-related cancellations or delays may also result from labour disputes or other factors. They will also offer some alternative advantages, such as access to clothing, food, or restrooms. Additionally, if you have travel insurance and need to cancel or delay your trip due to an emergency, your expenses will be covered. 

  • Medical advantages 

This insurance plan pays for hospital stays and medical expenses. It is for the costs associated with any medical emergency, illness, or injury that occurs while travelling. It pays for certain other expenses, including ambulance and hospital bills. Insurance companies set up cashless hospitalisation in affiliated facilities. You may also request hospital or medical expense reimbursement in the event of the insured’s passing away or disability. 

  • Alternative advantages 

There are some advantages, such as personalised travel policies, particularly for seasoned travellers, groups, or senior citizens. The reason for this is that since their coverage needs may differ from those of others, generic travel insurance policies might not be appropriate for them. As a result, several insurers also provide online international travel insurance policies. 

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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