5 Simple Tips for Marketing Your Brand On Clubhouse


Since its release in April 2020, Clubhouse has been steadily growing. Having secured around 10 million users in less than a year, the app’s rapid growth has attracted a ton of new users and businesses alike. 

Social Audio was unheard of before Clubhouse, pun intended. That is partly what made the app so appealing; it offered something no other app did. Add to that the fact that Clubhouse operated on an invite-only basis in its initial days, and we can understand why millions of users were excited to be on the app. 

This begs the question, is Clubhouse a promising platform for businesses looking for emerging marketing opportunities? If yes, then what’s the best way to position yourself as a brand on the platform? 

In this post, we discuss what sets Clubhouse apart from other marketing platforms as well as a few tips to maximize your ROI while marketing on Clubhouse. But first, let’s understand what Clubhouse is.

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