Benefits of a Dedicated IP for Your Reseller Hosting Business

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As a reseller, you are assigned a shared IP address by default. However, to have a better user experience and unlock various benefits, opting for a dedicated IP address for your Reseller Web Hosting account is recommended. 

Let’s learn more about the possibilities and advantages of having a dedicated IP.

Suppose you want to buy Reseller Hosting and different Web Hosting Reseller packages. 

In that case, the detailed analysis will help you understand why you should have a Reseller Web Hosting with a dedicated IP, for example, a Linux Reseller Hosting.

What is a Dedicated IP Address?

A dedicated IP address is an exclusive IP address assigned to a user’s cPanel Reseller Hosting account, with no other cPanel accounts sharing the same IP address. 

It allows direct access to your website, just like its actual domain name. Also known as a “fixed” or “static” IP, a dedicated IP is the opposite of a shared IP address.

Why is Having a Dedicated IP Address Beneficial?

Here are the crucial benefits of opting for a Dedicated IP address for your Reseller Web Hosting business as a Windows or Linux Hosting Reseller. 

  1. Anytime Website Access

Before adding a domain name to the server and launching your website, a dedicated IP address allows direct access to the server without changing the DNS settings for the domain name.

  1. Email sender’s Trustworthiness

Using a dedicated IP address for business email isolates your service from abuse consequences, such as being blocked or marked as spam. 

Sharing the same IP address can impact your email service, so having a dedicated IP helps maintain a good email sender’s reputation.

  1. Complete Server Control

You have more flexibility and control with a dedicated IP address. 

You can run a Virtual Private Network (VPN), run a gaming server, remotely manage your server, and handle files more efficiently.

  1. Custom Email

You may face security issues if you have a custom email address and use shared hosting. 

Having a dedicated IP  reduces the chances of such issues significantly, ensuring better email security and privacy and the prevention of blocklisting, which can affect email delivery.

  1. Running Certain Scripts and Applications

Some scripts and applications require a dedicated IP address, which is not permitted on a shared IP.

  1. FTP Access

A dedicated IP lets you access your website using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

  1. Security Enhancement

A dedicated IP address reduces exposure to certain security risks. 

Since the IP is exclusively yours, you are not at risk of being affected by attacks targeting other users.

  1. Email deliverability

Using a shared IP address for handling emails on your web hosting account can pose a high risk of mail deliverability issues. 

Mail servers are sensitive to IP addresses and quickly blocklist those they deem potentially dangerous. Having a dedicated IP address helps mitigate this risk.

  1. SSL Certificate Approval

If you have an eCommerce store or handle sensitive information, having an SSL certificate is crucial for secure transactions. 

While sharing an IP address can work with Server Name Indication (SNI) technology and different SSL certificates, there may be compatibility issues with older browsers.


To have more control and accessibility for your website and Reseller Hosting services, like uninterrupted access and reliable email delivery, switching from a shared IP to a dedicated IP is recommended. 

A dedicated IP offers improved security, optimized email deliverability with SSL certificates, and the ability to run specific applications. Ultimately, the decision to get a dedicated IP rests with you, based on your long-term goals and needs. 

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