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Building a Winning Business with Advisors, Planning and Exercise

GLENDALE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 2, 2021 / Rusty Tweed is a successful real estate professional sharing his tips for winning in business and maintaining high energy levels. He notes taking a well-advised, healthy approach to entrepreneurship will increase the potential for lasting success.

Rusty Tweed emphasizes building a team of advisors as a critical first step in business decision-making. There are issues related to insurance, accounting, legal matters and business planning that require the insight of specialists to evaluate. Entrepreneurs must learn when to ask for help, and how to leverage the experience of others to their advantage. Otherwise, a myriad of financial pitfalls can occur.

Having a well-defined business plan, complete with a marketing strategy, sales projections, breakeven calculations and financial statements is critical for success. Rusty Tweed underscores the importance of getting the math right in the beginning. Without a detailed and reviewed business plan, entrepreneurs often-times get themselves into trouble. Even good ideas can go bust without the proper funding, expense management or planning. Accountants can help in designing and reviewing business plans.

Rusty Tweed notes that maintaining high energy levels is critical for being successful in business. To maintain one’s drive and ambition, he suggests five simple and highly effective best practices. The first is exercising to help reduce stress and improve one’s stamina and overall health. The second tip complements the first, and it includes eating healthier while cutting out sugars. Eating the right foods at the right intervals will keep energy levels high throughout the day.

A third tip for maintaining energy is to get enough sleep. Without enough rest, one’s overall health and focus become weaker. The fourth tip is taking regular breaks to regain focus and mental acuity because without sufficient mental bandwidth, it is difficult to make effective decisions or plan for the future. The fifth tip to maintain energy is drinking enough water while cutting out coffee and sodas. Staying hydrated is critical for feeling good and having energy.

Rusty Tweed is a real estate broker and investor with over 20 years of experience in small business. From rental property and house flipping to property exchanges, he’s learned what it takes to win as an entrepreneur. Throughout his career, he has been successful in more than $500M in 1031 property exchange transactions.


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